Industrial Rubberization

Surface – Extending service life

We provide industrial rubberizing with the quality and proven materials of the renowned European manufacturer Rema Tip Top. Rubberizing will protect your device against abrasion, corrosion, noise and sticking of the transported material. In the mining industry, we apply mainly to drive rollers, hoppers, slides, impacts, stacks, vibratory feeders, mobile sorters, hydrocyclones, pipelines, etc. In the energy and chemical industry, this is primarily the area of ​​surface-protection applications.

In particular, it is the protection of surfaces that are in contact with various chemical substances, both liquid and gaseous (tanks, absorbers, pipes). Based on customer information, we propose a suitable type of liner: rubber, polyurethane, ceramic or teflon.

We use materials

  • Remaline 25 / CN – High elasticity, noise reduction, very flexible and elastic, wear-resistant for round grain
  • Remaline 35 / CN – Very wear-resistant, especially in damp environments, very elastic, excellent self-cleaning effect
  • Remaline 40 / CN – Resistant to wear, high tensile strength, high tear resistance, high elasticity
  • Remaline 50 / CN – Wear-resistant, especially for wet rubbing, high tear resistance, high cut resistance
  • Remaline 60 / CN – High wear resistance in dry abrasion and impact, good resistance to weather
  • Remaline 70 / CN – Excellent wear resistance, high abrasion resistance, very high tensile strength, good weather resistance
  • Remastar / CN – Combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and rubber, CN bonding layer ensures fast and permanent adhesion, extremely high abrasion resistance, high resistance to rust and abrasion, resistance to oils, fats and a wide range of solvents, flexible even at low temperatures

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Industrial Rubberization

Cylindrical – Excellent power transmission

Rubberization of the cylinder ensures excellent traction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt. We offer the optimum coating for each cylinder in conveyor systems. The elastic covers on the redirect and return rollers and the underlay rollers are self-cleaning and protect the conveyor belt. This can prevent wear and tear and slipping with a self-cleaning effect.

Technological values ​​correspond to the state of the technique, are easy to process and have proven throughout the world in all climatic conditions. The rubber coating of the cylinders by ceramics is made for the most difficult conditions where a standard rubber coating can not be used or an increased risk of slipping of the drive roller and conveyor belt would be a threat.

We use materials

  • Remagrip 50/CN, 60/CN – Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulleys, Avoidance of material build-up with positive influence on belt tracking, Pulley lagging for low to medium-tension fabric belts.
  • Remaline 65/CN – Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulleys, Avoidance of material build-up with positive influence on belt tracking, Reduced slippage bettween belt and pulley through increased coefficient of friction, Evacuation of moisture and dirt, Protects the pulleys from wear and corrosion.
  • Remagrip 70/CN – Significantly improved evacuation of water throught additional horizontal grooves, preparation of the strips in the workshop in the warehouse or on site, scrap reduced to minimum.
  • Remagrip 100/CN – Lagging of driving pulleys for light fabric belts, difficult operating conditions (extremely wet operating conditions, ice, clay or other smeary materials), High resistance to wear, Excellent self-cleaning properties.
  • Remagrip 60-200 whute, LEB/CN –  Evacuation of moisture and dirt, Protects the pulleys from wear and corrosion, Easy cleaning thanks to wide grooves, Avoidance of material build-up with positive influence on belt tracking, pulley lagging for rubber and PVC/PUR conveyor belts.
  • Unilag/CN  – Ideal cylindrical cover for the primary producer, has very good mechanical and physical properties, is very economical and versatile, it delivers excellent water and dirt.

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