Conveyor belts

Sales and service of all types of conveyor belts.

We are engaged in the sale, service and connection of conveyor belts of all types. The emphasis is placed on the distribution of high quality rubbertextile and PVC belts in different widths and strengths together with high quality and fast service.

We offer new conveyor belts of the world’s leading manufacturers, we provide stockpiles of conveyor belts for permanent customers so that we are able to react immediately to emergency situations and thus minimize our customers’ additional financial costs associated with downtime in production.

Areas of use

Mining | Woodworking industry  | Food industry  | Foundry  | Agriculture  | Power industry.

Technical details

  • Transbelt: standard conveyor belts with a textile liner designed for common use in quarries, gravel mills, cement plants, power plants, mineral processing,
  • Steelbelt: conveyor belts with steel cord structure designed for long-distance conveyance, heavy mining industry, quarries.
  • Shockbelt: conveyor belts with increased resistance to penetration
  •  Firebelt: belts designed for the transportation of flammable materials in deep mines and for the transport of materials in an environment of increased risk of explosion (coal dumps, coal processing plants).
  • Thermbelt: heat-resistant belts. Use in glassworks, ironmongery, heating plants and places with increased thermal stress.
  • Frostbelt: conveyor belts designed for extremely low temperatures (up to -50 ° C), eg freezer, long-distance conveyor belt. Ecotubelt: Conveyor belts designed for pipe conveyors.
  • Oilbelt: conveyor belts designed primarily for the chemical and foundry industry, are oil resistant belts often used in modern incinerators.

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