RG conveyor belt cleaning system

Verified and Reliable Protection of Belt Conveyors

We offer our customers a proven solution and service for the RG conveyor belt cleaning system. The RG system is characterized by the high lifetime of the materials used. It includes a complete range of wipers: blades made of sintered carbide (UH) or polyurethane (PU), wiper types – bottom, front, inner, wipers in front of the return rollers, fixed grip or torsion or spring tensioners:

  • Series of bottom wipers: LT, R2.0, PU-90, Chevron (for profile DP), possible use of UH and PU blades, torsion or fixed tensioning
  • Series of front wipers: UH2, UH3, PU-90 (S, L) – Possible use of blades
  • UH and PU, spring tension
  • Series of internal wipers in front of the return rollers: Diagonal, Plow-blades PU

Complete catalog of the RG cleaning system (pdf)

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