Industrial Rubberization

We provide industrial rubberizing with the quality and proven materials of the renowned European manufacturer Rema Tip Top. Rubberizing will protect your device against abrasion, corrosion, noise and sticking of the transported material.
Rubberization of the cylinder ensures excellent traction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt.

Complex services in the field of belt transport

We are engaged in the sale, service and connection of conveyor belts of all types. The emphasis is placed on the distribution of high quality rubbertextile and PVC belts in different widths and strengths together with high quality and fast service. We offer new conveyor belts of the world’s leading manufacturers, we provide stockpiles of conveyor belts for permanent customers so that we are able to react immediately to emergency situations and thus minimize our customers’ additional financial costs associated with downtime in production.

RG conveyor belt cleaning system

We offer our customers a proven solution and service for the RG conveyor belt cleaning system. The RG system is characterized by the high lifetime of the materials used. It includes a complete range of wipers: blades made of sintered carbide (UH) or polyurethane (PU), wiper types – bottom, front, inner, wipers in front of the return rollers, fixed grip or torsion or spring tensioners.

Design, construction, production and assembly

We treat each order individually. Our solution is designed precisely according to the capacities of the customer’s production and its needs. For our customers, we provide complete services from projection of technological equipment to complete production, assembly, training and warranty and post-warranty service.

We provide complex services in the field of design and production of technological lines for the mining, textile, agricultural and foundry industries.


We offer to all customers the possibility of accurate cutting and cutting of metallic materials with CNC plasma. With a new semi-automatic lathe, we provide complete production or repairs of conveyor rollers and other lathe jobs.


We supply high-quality, well-proven accessories for domestic and foreign suppliers of conveyor belts: conveyor rollers and roller of various diameters and lengths, option of custom production according to individual customer requirements, sleepers and roller holders, impact bed made according to the width of the conveyor belt and construction. We also offer wiper rubber or rubber for lateral guidance. In the portfolio we have complete wiring, such as emergency switches, safety cables and trembling sensors. We supply motors, gearbox and electric rollers.